Anderson stuns Federer at Wimbledon

We knew Kevin Anderson could serve big.

For four hours, he continued to hit his spots versus Roger Federer at more than 130 mph. His return game was the surprise, especially the weight of his forehand and his accuracy, especially a cross-court passing shot on a key point.

In the end, he unloaded a deep forehand return to finally break Federer. He then held serve to win the fifth set 13-11.

Here’s what Anderson said after his win:


I feel like my commitment to the kind of tennis I wanted to play throughout the match, it got definitely better as the match progressed.

I think from an emotional standpoint, with my team, we’ve sort of evolved a little bit more. I feel like I’m able to harness some of that energy without being as outgoing with it. That’s been a positive step forward for me.

Especially with these long matches, saving your energy, especially emotional energy, is very important. I think that’s something I learned a little bit, especially at the French Open this year when I played Schwartzman in the fourth round. I needed to make a little bit of an adjustment in terms of the amount of emotional energy that I was expending.

I feel like this whole tournament has been a really — I’ve been in a very good place with that.

 I think one of the keys, especially in these Grand Slams, because they’re two weeks in length, you have to try and keep up with some of your off-court maintenance, especially I think the strength work.

I think sometimes in the past I’ve done a lot going into the tournament. During the tournament, you know, you sort of back off a little bit. I’ve actually been a little bit more aggressive this tournament in terms of some of the strength I’ve done on the off days, which I think has been beneficial.

Federer answering my question about Anderson: 


He’s got a nice, big serve that he can rely heavily on. I always thought he returns well off second serves, especially if you give him the small one. He can really lean onto it. I think he did that well again today.

There’s nothing really that shocked me because I’ve seen Kevin play many, many times in the past. Even if the matches have been maybe sometimes one-sided, I didn’t lose sets against him, you always know he can pick it up, and all of a sudden you won’t see breaks for some time.

I was very happy that I got off to the right start of the match, was able to take control somewhat of the game. I just don’t know exactly how I couldn’t create more opportunities once the third set came around. I think I had chances, I’m not sure exactly how many. But then fourth and fifth, obviously the fifth was long, that’s like two sets, the fifth.

I think I had my chances, so it’s disappointing. No, I mean, no doubt about it. He was consistent. He was solid. He got what he needed when he had to. Credit to him for hanging around really that long.

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