Kyrgios calls Tsitsipas “soft” after Wimbledon victory

The Defendant, Nick Kyrgios, states his case against the Plaintiff, Stefanos Tsitsipas:

1. “I’m not sure how I bullied him. He was the one hitting balls at me, he was the one that hit a spectator, he was the one that smacked it out of the stadium.”

2. “I didn’t do anything. I was actually like — apart from me just going back and forth to the umpire for a bit, I did nothing towards Stefanos today that was disrespectful, I don’t think. I was not drilling him with balls.”

3. “I would be pretty upset if I lost to someone two weeks in a row, as well. Maybe he should figure out how to beat me a couple more times first and then get to that.”

4. “I know if the roles had been reversed, I would have been pulled off that court and defaulted, for sure.”

5. “We just really need to stop putting us on the same level of behavior today.”

6. “The circus was all him today. I actually felt great. I feel great physically now. I just think he’s making that match about me, like he’s got some serious issues, like serious. I’m good in the locker room. I’ve got many friends, just to let you know. I’m actually one of the most liked. I’m set. He’s not liked. Let’s just put that there.”

7. “When I’m back home and you see my everyday and who I’m competing with on the basketball court, these guys are dogs. The people I’m playing at Wimbledon, they’re not — he’s that soft, to come in here and say I bullied him, that’s just soft. We’re not cut from the same cloth. I go up against guys who are true competitors. If he’s affected by that today, then that’s what’s holding him back, because someone can just do that and that’s going to throw him off his game like that. I just think it’s soft.”

8. “I’m not trying to be nice.”

9. “I don’t know what I did today. I didn’t think I was aggressive towards him. I wasn’t hitting balls at his face. I didn’t feel like there was any anger. I had no anger towards Stef today on the match. I don’t know where it’s coming from, to be honest. I think he was angry, because when he hit the ball out of the stadium, it was directed at his box. Obviously they had some friction, and obviously when you start losing and losing to me again, you get angry.”

10. “I can officially say I have never given a handshake like that in my life. Every time I’ve lost, when I defaulted against Casper Ruud, I looked people in the eye and I say, Well done today, you were the better man, and he wasn’t man enough to do that today. So he’s not going to come up to me in the locker room and say anything.”

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