Tsitsipas wants to serve and volley more

—Stefanos Tsitsipas says he wants to serve and volley 30 percent more than he’s been doing at Wimbledon. 

He thinks it’s too risky to serve and volley on every point like Maxime Cressy. But he admires Cressy’s bravery to do that even on big points. 

“Look, I think he’s difficult opponent to face,” said at Wimbledon in answer to my question. “I faced him at the US Open few years ago. He’s a very difficult guy to play against. He hits both serves full power, which shows he has no fear when he’s playing.”

“But his game, in my opinion, is very risky. If he’s on a great day, he can pretty much beat anybody I think. He really brings the margin even lower of what, let’s say, a safe spot would be. But I do respect that a lot for him, you know, trying to play that way because no one really does these days.”

“His net coverage is great. I think he’s practicing that every single day for a lot of hours. Kind of being able to maintain that isn’t easy. So there’s plenty of volley exercises that he does to be able to play the next shot after the serve.”

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