Murray playing with metal and fire

Andy Murray isn’t playing with the same hip that won Wimbledon and the US Open. But his mind and heart appear to be the same after hip surgery.

He was a mad perfectionist on court for more than three hours in a second round match in Shanghai on Tuesday. In a move reminiscent of his obsession with the spydercam during his French Open final loss to Djokovic, he even complained about noise coming from the cameraman.


Though he lost to Fabio Fognini, he won the heart of fans who haven’t given up on him, even after the Australian Open essentially “retired” him.



Murray is hoping to play in Melbourne again, if he can stay healthy. He clearly has kept his passion for the fight, even if he physically wore down toward the end of the Fognini match.

He even told Fognini to “shut up” while Murray was complaining to the umpire about Fognini saying something during a point.



Mad Murray is a Good Murray, and his return to form is great for the fans and the game.



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