Happy Snaps from a “Wedding in Prague”






4I3A0199 - Version 3


The Laver Cup feels like a wedding, bringing together extended families for the first time around the ceremonial union of a happy couple.



There are the proud grandparents and great grandparents who sired generations of offspring.

There’s the patriarch, who with tenacity and grace set the tone for the family business.



There’s the old wise man, the mystic who crafted mythology around the family. He spent much of the time admiring his talented offspring and listening to them.




There’s the funny and cranky uncle, both villain and hero to the naughty boys and girls of the family.





There are competitions and rivalries, but the family is built upon a foundation of friendship, piety and love.



Most of all, it’s fun to be in such a talented family where the elders groom the young’uns. 







The playful younger boys spent much of the wedding party goofing around acting like boys.



But they played hard as well.



The respected older guys were more serious and ceremonious, but they were smiling and laughing too.



There was magic in the air of 02 Arena in Prague, sold out for all five sessions.






In the end, the Happy Couple continued on their honeymoon, and everyone in the family lived happily ever after.





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