Rafa rolls at Roland Garros

Here’s how Rafa Nadal trounced Stan Wawrinka to win “La Decima” — his record 10th French Open.

–From start to finish, Rafa Nadal forced Wawrinka to defend on wings, giving him few chances to step into shots and go on the offensive.



–Rafa’s forehand was as huge as his bicep. It dominated the clay season.





–Rafa could taste victory early. Licking his lips, he devoured Wawrinka, chewed him up and spit him out. This expression was rare. Nadal spent most of the match in deep concentration, focussed on the ball or the next point. Wawrinka showed frustration. Even the French crowd couldn’t save the French-speaking Stanimal from Switzerland.


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–Rafa seemingly holds the tennis world in his hand. He was up 3-1 in the fifth set before Federer stormed back to win the Australian Open. Nadal won Monte Carlo, Barcelona, Madrid and now Roland Garros. He should be the favorite going into Wimbledon.




–Rafa’s underrated but potent second serve forced Wawrinka (who teed off on some of Murray’s seconds) to play returns above his shoulder, knocking him further behind the baseline and putting him on the defensive early in points.




–When Wawrinka did unleash apparent winners, Rafa often pulled rabbits out of his hat. Wawrinka applauded this “no-look” winner.




–With Wawrinka walking off in defeat, Rafa fell to the court, covered his face, and savored La Decima, his tenth title at Roland Garros, the most important tournament for him.


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