Milos Raonic photos: serving on another planet

4I3A0132 - Version 2

Milos Raonic has become cool to photograph. He looks fantastic in the golden sun and powdery red clay of the Mutua Madrid Open. His serve is powerful but also sublime. His technique seems effortless, a form of modern art.

4I3A0126 - Version 2 4I3A0126 - Version 3

He seems to be serving from another planet.

4I3A0128 - Version 5 4I3A0128 - Version 6

He sometimes resembles a hero from Star Wars. He points his light saber at the ball, launching a laser at warp speed.


When serving, Raonic seems to be in a world of his own. Like a marksman with a lethal weapon, he’s focussed on the target.


His opponents must feel like Raonic is serving at them downhill, from the top of his perch.


He has a cannonball flat serve, and also a kick serve that explodes on impact and kicks up at your eyes.

4I3A0116 - Version 34I3A0116 - Version 4

A Romanian fan in Madrid compared Raonic to Superman (Clark Kent). 

4I3A0266 - Version 2 4I3A0272

While his powerful legs and loose wrist generate a blur of racquet head speed, his head remains still, thanks in part to the steadying rudder of his left hand.

4I3A1371 - Version 24I3A1371 4I3A13694I3A14034I3A13984I3A1398 - Version 2

Someday Toronto should make a statue of Raonic. I hope it looks like this.

4I3A0141 words and images by Christopher Johnson Globalite Media, all rights reserved)